Are you big city person, or more of a small town type? There are plenty of both to choose from around New Jersey. You could head to some of the big cities that surround New York City or Philadelphia, or you could opt for a smaller town that is situated along the Jersey Shore. made the list of the Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State, and while it's obviously very subjective, it's hard to argue against their choice for New Jersey.

The southernmost beach town along New Jersey's shore, Cape May has a distinctly different feel than other towns: It's elegant yet offers a lot of options for a great night (or day) out. Tour the area vineyards, indulge in fine dining, or just enjoy the Victorian architecture while taking a stroll.

You may have your own preference, like Asbury Park or Red Bank or Ocean Grove or Point Pleasant or anywhere else, but you really can't say they made a bad choice with Cape May. Personally, I love Asbury Park, but I'll admit that my love for the town really lies along Ocean and Cookman Avenues, with a few other spots around. I love Red Bank, but everything I like there is pretty much found around Broad Street. Cape May manages to have a lot to like in downtown, a lot to like along the beach, and a lot to like around the rest of town.

Here's a fun fact I just learned thanks to Wikipedia: The entire city of Cape May is designated the Cape May Historic District, a National Historic Landmark due to its concentration of Victorian buildings.

What's your favorite small town in NJ?


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Lighthouses of New Jersey

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