Last month we told you about the new app HATER, which pairs people not by mutual likes, but by mutual hatred.

According to that app, the thing New Jerseyians hated the most was jellyfish. Whatever.

This time around, they focused on foods. What food do residents of the Garden State hate the most?

hater nj food

What the hell? Is "gas station wine" a thing? Is it some sort of slang that kids are using now that I'm just oblivious to? I'm so lost.

Here's the rest of the country:

hater food

Delaware hates "pineapple on pizza", which is 100% CORRECT. Maryland hates "the corner piece of a brownie", which is 100% INCORRECT.

Missouri hates "the last bite of a hot dog"; what makes it different from the other bites? Virginia hates "dabbing pizza grease with a napkin" - that's not even food! Ugh.

This app is so stupid, but I can't resist checking it out anytime they release data.

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