There seems to be an endless supply of dating/meetup apps that try to connect people based on what they like - now, Hater is putting couples together based on mutual hatred.

When presented with a topic, you can choose from Love, Like, Dislike and Hate. They've already started to compile stats, and they've broken it down on a state-by-state basis.

In case that map is too small, here's a closeup of the Northeast

The thing New Jersey hates most is...jellyfish? That's an odd thing to connect over. I mean, just based on some of our Facebook comments, people would much rather see a jellyfish on the beach than Chris Christie...and you'd rather go to a jellyfish concert than a Bruce concert.

Clearly this app is designed for hipsters, and not really meant to be taken seriously. What did Casey Affleck ever do to Delaware?

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