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As Independence Day gets closer and closer, we're seeing more towns finalize their decisions to either continue with the traditional fireworks display, postpone til a later date, or cancel them for the year. West Long Branch is the latest town to move their fireworks show to later in the year, jumping on the bandwagon of other towns who are now celebrating on Labor Day.

According to The Link News, the company that West Long Branch uses for their fireworks displays had an opening for the weekend of September 7th.

Maybe I'm being naive, but wouldn't pretty much every fireworks company have an opening on non-fireworks holidays? If you wanted to postpone your celebration until July 25th for some random reason, I'm pretty sure the company would be able to make that work because they're not booked for random dates like that.

Toms River is still going forward with their celebration on July 4th proper, and it will be interesting to see what size crowd comes bearing down on Shelter Cove.

I love fireworks shows, but over the past few years I haven't been able to watch any close-up because they scare my daughter. She's not even a fan of the neighborhood ones that for some reason happen every weekend (and sometimes in the middle of the week). This year my second daughter will be just over a month old, so we're not bringing her out for any celebrations, so any postponements or cancellations won't really bother me this year.


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