Halloween is obviously the biggest holiday when it comes to candy consumption, but you can't ignore the sweet stuff during the rest of the holiday season, as things continue after Halloween through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

CandyStore.com put together a list of some of the new candy being released for the 2018 holiday season; while most of it looks good, the list includes one abomination.

Most of those look okay, right? That's a Hot Cocoa Hershey Kiss on the bottom right, which sounds amazing. Kinder Joys are weird because they're weak Americanized versions of Europe's Kinder Surprise - just a chocolate egg with no toy inside. Those gingerbread men are actually marshmallow Peeps, which are always good in my book.

Reese's Pieces are invading a few other candys: the traditional Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Trees (of questionable shape) are now stuffed with mini-Pieces!

You can also get Hershey's Bar stuffed with Reese's Pieces.

Now here is where things take a turn for the worse.

I love candy canes. The simplistic nature of a solid piece of sugar with a nice peppermint flavor is perfect for me. I've tried a few other types of candy cane (bubblegum, for example) but this time it seems like flavor-creators were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. Behold this grotesque affront to your taste buds:


YOU MONSTERS. I love mac&cheese, but I can't think of many things that I don't want to just leave sitting in my mouth. The texture of a perfectly cooked noodle is a part of the whole thing, I don't want a rigid sugar stick delivering that flavor. Ugh. McPhee's is the company that produces those, and they also have nauseating candy cane flavors like Rotisserie Chicken and Pickle.

I swear to you, if I find any Mac&Cheese or Pickle or anything other than peppermint candy canes in my stocking this year, I'll never celebrate Christmas ever again.

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