I love me some Wawa!  Now we have another reason to feel all warm and fuzzy about them!  Teachers this one is for YOU!

Photo credit: Wawa
Photo credit: Wawa

This is for all our fabulous teachers!  Wawa wants teachers and school administration employees know that for the entire month of September your morning coffee (any size) is on them!  How awesome is that? Wawa is offering this to NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, FL and Washington D.C. as a thank you for guiding and inspiring our children, but there's more!

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Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Lambert Unsplash

Chris Gheysens, President and CEO, Wawa...

As teachers and school administration return back to school following one of the most challenging years, Wawa is making a special effort to bring cheer to classrooms across our chain with free coffee, financial support and special visits as our small way of expressing gratitude to those championing for our children. It gives us great pride to celebrate our teachers and school administration who represent everyday heroes in our community.

Here are the details:

  • Free Coffee for Teachers & School Administration
    All day, every day from September 1-30, any size coffee is free for all teachers and school administrators.
  • Classroom Fund and Cheers Tour
    Through a partnership with Donor’s Choose, an online resource for teachers to submit funding requests for school supplies/support, Wawa has designated a $25,000 fund to support schools throughout its operating area serving K-12 at-risk youth returning to school. From September 1 -September 10, Wawa has scheduled a “Cheers Tour,” with its Wawa Community Care Truck visiting select schools that have been selected to receive funding to formally present checks and brighten days with freshly brewed coffee and donuts!
  • Store to School Visits
    All 940+ Wawa stores selected a local school of their choice to receive 50 free Sizzli® coupons, 2 boxes of coffee and 50 free specialty, heart-shaped, apple-filled donuts and fun props during special visits the weeks of September 13 – September 24. That’s 47,000 Sizzlis® and 47,000 donated donuts chainwide!

Way to go Wawa!  Now if you could only un-addict me from your grilled cheese panini that would be great.

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