Late last week a story started going around on social media that a very popular and likeable gas attendant from Wawa on rt. 9 in Howell was fired.

His name is Mike Cuzzo, and he was known for wearing pink knee socks, old-style knickers and a bowtie, delivering receipts on a platter and sending drivers off with pleasant greetings.

His firing gathered a lot of negative attention for Wawa, and customers demanded Mike get his job back. Click here if you are not familiar with Mike Cuzzo's firing.
Well today, Wawa has issued their own statement:

We understand and sympathize with the outpouring of support many of you have expressed around our former associate, Mike’s departure. As an outgoing and dedicated associate, he made many friends throughout his time at Wawa.


But we want everyone to know that we would never make a decision about any associate based on a single isolated incident like this. Decisions like these are extremely difficult and are only made after a series of steps and discussions take place.


As a company we give our associates the benefit of the doubt as well as second chances. This situation was no different. But, we continue to maintain that out of respect for Mike, and any associate that separates from our company, we do not share details of employment or departures.


Mike brought a unique brand of positive energy and devotion to his job, and for that we will always be grateful.”


What do you think of Wawa firing Mike? Opinions are welcomed in the comment section below