A fight at a Cherry Hill Wawa has led to two arrests.

In case that video doesn't work, here's the quick summation: two young women were at Wawa, being loud and vulgar. An older woman asked them to stop cursing, and the younger women snapped, yelling, jumping up on the counter, spitting on the woman and then attacking her.

Cherry Hill police said the video caught by a bystander's phone was actually better than Wawa's security camera, and charged the pair with disorderly conduct but hoped to increase the charge to simple assault.

C'mon, Wawa is supposed to be a place of togetherness! I've been at Wawas all times of day, and whether it's the lunch rush or navigating around the late-night drunks, people always hold the door. It should just be a basic human decency to not drop f-bombs in public, but I get that we all slip up sometimes. If someone asks you to be less vulgar, just give a quick "oops sorry" and move on with your life.

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