The Press of Atlantic City has video of the start of the demolition process for the Trump Plaza casino.

This process is all leading up to the big implosion that will remove the failed casino from the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino opened on May 14, 1984, and closed for good on September 16, 2014. According to The Press of Atlantic City, Trump had already sold the casino by the time it closed, and ended up suing to have his name removed from the facades.

Carl Icahn purchased the property, and has his eyes set on a June 2021 completion. Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr is hoping to have the building down by February.

For pretty much as long as I can remember, Atlantic City has been trying to clean itself up. There has always been a bit of a scummy reputation, and no matter how many casinos come and go, nothing really sticks. The glitzy new casinos open with a bang, everyone is excited, the town says the comeback is here...and then eventually, sooner or later, the shine wears off, the families stop coming, and things fall back into disrepair. It's a shame, because Atlantic City has the potential to be a true "jewel of the Jersey Shore". For whatever reason, while Vegas has been able to embrace the gambler and the family, Atlantic City just can't combine the two.

Said every time I drive to AC.

Whenever the actual implosion date is set, we'll be sure to be there. I'm determined to make my own "end of 'Casino' " montage.

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