The 2012 Warrior Challenge will be taking place this year Saturday July 14 on the beach in Avon By The Sea, NJ.

Donations are way down this year, and they really can use our help. No donation is too small.

What is the "Silent Warrior Fund?

The Silent Warrior Fund was established to support the courageous, quiet professionals who protect and serve our great country through various charitable causes.

Currently, The Silent Warrior Fund is focused on supporting Task Force Dagger Foundation.

The Task Force Dagger Foundation was established in July of 2009 and is a federally recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit foundation. The Foundation assists US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) soldiers and their families when a valid need is identified.

Their goal is to ensure that the maximum amount of our funds go to the soldiers and their families and not to overhead expenses. The Foundation’s overhead expenses are minimal; therefore, are able to send 95 cents of every dollar that is donated to the soldier and their family.

For more information on the Task Force Dagger Foundation, visit

What is the Warrior Challenge?

The "Warrior Challenge" is a great event for the entire family. If you have ever been interested in what the Special Op's go through or what their training consists of, this is an event you don't want to miss!

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to participate in the Warrior Challenge – it is a self test.  Do your best and forget the rest!

  • This year's Warrior Challenge consists of a one-mile deep sand run while carrying a sand bag for the first half mile, a maximum pull-up test, a two minute burpee challenge and a mystery event.
  • Folks that aren’t able to attend the event but still want to be a part of the event can sponsor a participant or can simply make a donation on the web site.
  • This year’s Warrior Challenge will conclude with a real Special Forces team insertion via Blackhawk.  The team will perform a mock assault on the beach.  Air support will be provided by US Air Force F-15s and fire support by US Marines.  It is an incredibly cool and patriotic demonstration to watch.

Check out this video of highlights of last year's Warrior Challenge.


Andy Chase had some of the guys in the "Hawk's Nest" talking about this year's event. Click the links below to hear the interview