The 2012 Warrior Challenge took place on the beach in Avon-by-the-Sea on Saturday, June 14.

The event featured a four-part fitness competition that mirrors the tests given to military special forces members.

Nearly 200 participants took part in the grueling physical challenge. The day began with a one-mile, deep sand run in which challengers were required to carry a sandbag (40 pounds for men, 20 pounds for women) for the first half.

Next, participants performed their maximum pull-ups from a dead hang, fully locked out position with no swinging of the body or legs allowed.

After that, they were challenged to perform as many burpees as possible in two minutes. A burpee is an aerobic exercise consisting of a chest to deck drop, push-up and a jump.

Finally, participants did a two-minute sit-up challenge.

After the challenge was complete, onlookers were treated to a mock assault performed by United States Army Special Forces Rangers.

Machine guns fired blank ammunition from a realistic camouflage shelter and smoke bombs and small ordinance explosions were set off.

Two Army Blackhawk helicopters then flew in up the coast and landed on the beach, with several Army Rangers exiting each and firing blanks.

The day's events benefited the Task Force Dagger Foundation. The non-profit organization provides relief to military families and focuses on helping the families of special forces operators, who suffer exponentially greater causalities than regular enlisted soldiers.

Check out video from the dashboard of one of the Blackhawk helicopters as it flies along the Shark River, makes a left turn up the coast and lands on the north end of Avon beach to the applause of a large gathered crowd.