I got to wondering why anyone would use the name of a cute little orange striped fish to convey a potential "snowmageddon" storm, a winter monster that will cripple New England and probably NYC as well, so I did some checking.

According to npr.org, the people at the Weather Channel, who clearly have too much time on their hands even before a major storm, are taking it upon themselves to name winter storms.

And from that same article:

Nemo is "a Greek boy's name meaning 'from the valley,' " and that it means "nobody" in Latin.

Yep, still makes no sense (unless you're dyslexic).

However, it should be mentioned that if there's another big storm after Nemo, the Weather Channel's list says it will be called Orko ("the thunder god in Basque mythology).

Now that's better.

Orko will turn out to be a dud, of course. :-D

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