While the protestors at Standing Rock garnered national attention, a similar issue was building in South Jersey.

A vote is set to finally decide the fate of the South Jersey Gas Pipeline. The proposed 22-mile pipeline would allow the B.L. England power plant at Beesley’s Point to convert from coal to natural gas. The Pinelands Commission has been sitting on the proposal for six years, facing opposition from four former governors, two former executive directors of the commission, and nearly all of the state’s environmental community.

Supporters of the pipeline say it will supply power to the people who live in the Pinelands. If the project is not built, the B.L. England plant will have to shut down under a consent decree with the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Opponents, however, have repeatedly pointed out that the project doesn't comply with the Pinelands Commission's Comprehensive Management Plan. They also claim the project is simply unnecessary, and the risk of destroying the Pinelands outweighs any benefit.

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