I first heard the stories about Clinton Road in an old copy of Weird NJ. Ghost kids, haunted castles, KKK members, mob corpse-disposals, demon animals, and a whole bunch more are rumored to be found on the stretch of road in West Milford.

Now, an indie horror movie about the road is in the works. IMDb gives a plot synopsis:

Five daring teenagers journey down a real life ghostly road to confront a maniacal circle of Satanists that relinquishes their lives in jeopardy. The road and region around it over the years have gained infamy as an area ubiquitous with several legends of paranormal occurrences with sightings of ghosts, KKK, gatherings of witches, and most significantly, Satanic activity.

Vincent Pastore is listed as "Club Owner", while Ice-T's character is named "Clarance." Variety says the movie is filming in New York City, being directed by first-timer Steve Stanulis.

Look forward to seeing "Clinton Road" featured in a future [Celluloid Hero]!

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