For those of you who want to celebrate Halloween a little earlier than October 31st.

Summer is my favorite season.  The days are longer, it's hot out, and people typically have more time on their hands to explore new things.

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Sure, you can do your usual summer activities, like going to the beach, or for a hike, but don't you want to try something a little bit different?

Might you be interested in getting to learn more about the creepy, yet wonderful activities New Jersey has to offer?  Our state is definitely full of paranormal and just plain weird things to do.

Money has been tight for everyone too.  So if you don't want to break the bank in order to have some fun this summer, these are some unique adventures you can try right in your own backyard.  These unforgettable activities are all just a short drive away.

Sure, you could argue to save this stuff for Halloween, but what fun is that?  Plus, some of these are outdoor activities, and you'll enjoy them more before the weather gets too cold.

Most of these outings are probably not suitable for kids, but they're definitely great ideas for friend gatherings, special occasions, or even a date night!  I know one of my besties and I am planning to do a girls' day at a couple of these locations.

Everyone's got a weird side.  Get ready to tap into it this summer at these 5 delightfully creepy places to explore in New Jersey. Be sure to plan ahead, as a few of these places are appointment only.

5 Delightfully Creepy Things to do in New Jersey This Summer

For those of you looking to celebrate Halloween a little earlier than October 31st.

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