So what venues are still requiring a mask and vax?  There are a few and I thought you should know before you go. How do you feel about the masks and proof of vaccination cards not being required as much in public places?

I had two very different reactions from my two girls when the mask mandate was lifted.  My one daughter, Bella, was happy to rip that thing off.  My little one, Fia, decided to still wear her mask every day because her best friend is immune-compromised and she did not want to risk not being allowed to play with her after school.

So many of us are getting back to our lives and of course, that includes seeing shows and attending venues.  Most venues have lifted their vax card restrictions just like the masks, but not everyone.  Here are the venues that are still requiring proof of full vaccination.

Photo credit: Unsplash
Photo credit: Unsplash

These places are still requiring masks, proof of vaccine, or a negative PCR COVID test to enter.

The Patch is reporting that The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City is still requiring safety measures to stay in place.

Rutgers, New Brunswick made a statement that anyone attending indoor events has to be masked up and vaxed up or, you can show a clear PCR test but, it has to have been taken within the 72 hour window.

Paper Mill Playhouse, in Millburn requires proof of vax for ages 5 and over, or a negative COVID test. This is a great place to see a play by the way!

Read more about who is requiring mask/vax and who let that go here.

So, if you are heading to one of these places don't forget to mask up!  If you are looking for a great place to eat before you see a show or sporting event, try one of these tried and true spots ranked as some of the best in New Jersey!

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