The International Space Station is visible from Earth pretty often, but usually only for a minute or two. Last night was special because there was a 6ish minute window for the New Jersey area to watch the largest man-made satellite speed across our sky.

I'm a super-geek, so I actually have an app on my phone that maps the sky, and you can find the ISS with it. When I used the app, I thought I missed it because the virtual space station zipped past me before the real thing appeared over my roof.


I don't have a nice camera, so I was forced to just use my iPhone, but it was still cool to see it! Obviously it was more impressive in person.

The ISS also posted on Instagram, check this out incredible shot of New Jersey from about 250 miles up!

ISS via Instagram

It blows my mind that I'm looking at myself looking back at the ISS (yes, I know I took my pix at night, but you get what I'm saying).

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