Every now and then, an article pops up online that lists those old, silly, antiquated laws that are still on the books around the country.  "No dancing within 500 feet of a church" would definitely be on that list, as that is an actual law still on the books in Henryetta, Okla., and everyone is super pissed at one woman for attempting to enforce it.In Henryetta, a big Valentine's Day dance was planned to take place at Rosie LaVon's Marketplace. But community busybody Robbie Kinney had other plans. She knew of the old law on the books and decided to speak up and say something about it by posting on Facebook. It was her opinion that the town couldn't pick and choose which laws the obeyed, no matter how out of date they were. Obviously, she received a lot of backlash over her opposition to the dance. Hell, even the police said that they had no intention of enforcing the no dancing law!

The dance ended up being canceled anyway because the organizer's husband was the city attorney and cited his oath to uphold the law. Kinney said that she never wanted the dance to be canceled, but she feels as though it's important to uphold the law. The city council will now look to abolish the law at an upcoming meeting.

Talk about small town problems!

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