Several days ago I wrote about the mysterious dream house that sits right next to ShopRite in the Waretown plaza on Rt. 9.

I was asking the question, "WHY", I see it all the time and always wondered. Thanks to everyone on the Facebook Page Our Little Waretown for all of the ideas. You guys are awesome and I'm happy to be apart of your group.

As you can see, it totally looks like someone's dream home. How adorable is this house? A wrap around porch, a beautiful entry way, but no drive-way. It's so strange. Why is this dream home sitting right next to the ShopRite?

Here's our ANSWER to why this mysterious dream home is sitting right next to the ShopRite:

I called Ocean Township's (Ocean County) Borough Hall and spoke to an incredibly, awesome person. (I'm so sorry I didn't get your name) She knew exactly what I was talking about. The dream house was developed to be in the ShopRite plaza. The developer was hoping to get a professional business in the house in the plaza. The house is up for rent from the developer and they still hope a doctors office of some type moves in there. She told me that the house is still in good condition. It's been there for quite a while and it will remain there hoping someone will rent it. Driving by the house it does look a little rundown, it needs a little TLC and landscaping is a must.

If you're a doctor or a professional office looking to rent out an incredible dream house as an office in Waretown, call Ocean Township's Borough Hall (609-693-3302) and ask for the developers name.

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