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Wow, so what would I say is the best sandwich? I guess it would depend on what day you ask me. Some days a ham and cheese sandwich is my favorite and possibly some days I would definitely say chicken salad. Lately I have been on a chicken salad kick. Chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, pepper and pepper-jack cheese…that is a fantastic sandwich.

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Here’s a question? Is a “grilled cheese” a sandwich? I think it is….That’s another one I’d put on the list. Also PB&J the good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly is a great sandwich. By the way, full disclosure…grape jelly and crunchy peanut butter. Growing up there was nothing like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with and ice cold glass of milk.

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According to a Food Network article, these two sandwich shops are among the BEST in America and good news, they are right here in New Jersey! So the good news is, if you want to try these BEST sandwiches in America, you won’t have to drive across country because two of the BEST are right here in the Garden State.

Also in full disclosure, I believe we have several great ones right here at the Jersey Shore…so be sure to check them out. Now if you want to travel here in the state, here are the two sandwich shops that Food Network named to BEST in America.


Google Maps
Google Maps
  • Town Hall Deli in South Orange, New Jersey. Known for their “cold” sloppy joe. If you have never had a “cold” sloppy joe they are fantastic. Rye bread, several meats and here’s the secret “coleslaw” and “Russian dressing”. Delicious!


Google Maps
Google Maps


  • Bagel Chateau in Westfield, New Jersey. Well this shop will stir up controversy because they are known for their Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich, which we know is a Pork Roll and Cheese lol. Whether you call it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll, it is delicious on a Jersey bagel with egg and cheese.


So there are the two BEST here in New Jersey, have YOU been to either? Oh and by the way…is it pork roll or Taylor ham for you? For me it has always been pork roll :)


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