Brick Township just approved construction for two new restaurants in Brick Commons, also known as the Kohl's Plaza or the ShopRite Plaza.

The Brick Municipal Board of Adjustment has approved a plan by Urban Edge Properties to demolish an existing bank on the site and replace it with two restaurants.

At the moment, no restaurants have signed on, but the building will be designed for "fast casual" restaurants that do not offer traditional, sit-down table service.

I grew up in Brick, and I've seen plenty of restaurants come and go. There has been plenty of renovating going on at the plaza across Route 70, so it will be interesting to see how Brick Commons keeps up with the Jones's.

During the pandemic, "fast casual" restaurants seemed to handle things a bit better than traditional sit-down eateries. If you're trying to open a more traditional restaurant right now, you're facing a huge uphill climb. However, if Brick is looking to lure in something like Bubbakoo's Burritos to compete with the Chipotle across the street, or some other type of burger joint that doesn't focus on sitting down and eating, this could work out.

I know it's a common question, but what would you like to see there? We've seen the chains weather the storm better than local restaurants; while it would be nice to see some more local businesses set up in that plaza, it does seem like it's pushing towards the possibility of one or two chains setting up shop in Brick.

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