Here's some great news for a couple of Monmouth County towns. They have recently been named as two of the most beautiful towns in the Garden State.

Nobody needs to tell us that we live in a beautiful place, and usually nobody does, so when we get the honors we deserve it seems extra special, and all that much more sweet. And this time we double the pleasure.

It turns out that when it comes to beautiful New Jersey towns, one Monmouth County town is just not enough. Two New Jersey towns made the list of most beautiful town in the state by Culture Trip.

One of the two towns is actually the first town that came to my mind when the topic of beautiful NJ towns came up and that is Spring Lake. I mean, is there a more beautiful place?

From the gorgeous beach to the amazing gazebo to the quaint downtown feel to the stunning homes, manicured lawns and perfect landscaping, Spring Lake is like a post card that has come to life.

The website listed ten beautiful towns in the state back in the fall, an there is no doubt that Spring Lake is a great choice for the honor. So what was the other Monmouth County town to make the list?

Congratulations Red Bank! This is the town that, in my opinion, combines the charm of the sweet local town with the excitement of the city better than any other town I know. From the beautiful waterfront spots to the great shops and restaurants, Red Bank certainly deserves to be on the list.

So, great news for two great local towns. Please visit the Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce and Visit Red Bank websites to learn more about how you can support local business in these awesome towns.

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