The obnoxious, nobody-asked-for COVID-19 Pandemic has basically changed how we do everything moving forward.


Where we work, how we shop and even, where we eat!

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During warmer weather, businesses were able to rely on outdoor dining to stay in business but once Fall hit, they had to find new, creative ways to generate business for those who may want to avoid eating indoors for now.

Now the weather situation is a bit more intense -- aka it is FREAKING FREEZING outside -- but believe it or not, there are businesses who are still offering intensely warm outdoor dining so restaurants can accommodate as many patrons as possible.

If we missed any Jersey Shore restaurants who offer heated outdoor dining, please email me at so they can be added to this list.

Let's show our local businesses some love, people!

Here we go:

Jersey Shore Restaurants Who Offer Intensely Warm Outdoor Heated Dining

Hesitant about sitting indoors because of COVID? No problem....

Quite a few, huh?

Double dog dare you to try and hit all these restaurants!

And remember, wear a jacket...and under armor...and a scarf....and a hat....JUST BUNDLE UP!

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