If you watched "The Founder", you know it began with the inside joke that McDonald's ice cream and shake machines are always broken. Ray Kroc is trying to sell a machine that makes multiple shakes at once, while the restaurant owners keep shooting him down.

I had pried myself away from the grips of fast food for a long time, but now that my older daughter is almost four, I've fallen into the cliche of the tired dad who just needs to feed his kid something, so we'll swing through for nuggets and fries. We also occasionally hit McD's for dessert, getting a cone or a McFlurry or whatever.

It's a long-time running gag that the ice cream or shake or McFlurry machine is always broken. If you don't want to waste the time driving to McDonald's only to be turned away at the window, the Age of Apps has you set!

Check out McBroken! A guy on Twitter created a program that actually orders ice cream at McDonald's through their app to see which locations allow the purchase and which ones turn him down (he does point out that no orders actually go through, so he's not wasting ice cream or money or anything).

Here's a look at every McDonald's in the USA (whoa!)


ZOOM AND ENHANCE to see New Jersey:


ZOOM AND ENHANCE to see Ocean County(ish):


Well based on that, our area looks decent! At the moment, only three McDonald's in our area have a broken machine - County Line Road in Jackson, Van Zile Road in Brick, and Route 72 in Manahawkin.

Next time you've got the jones for a McFlurry or a McShake, be sure to check out McBroken before you go.

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