Three is the magic number, and some bands only need that trinity of guitar/drums/bass to make a perfect sound. No rhythm guitars, no horn sections, no keyboard players, just the perfect power trio. Here are my Top 5, who are yours?

5 - Motörhead

Motörhead is the soundtrack for a night full of booze, drugs, and fighting with a guy because you hit on his girlfriend. Part metal, part punk, part hardcore, and all testosterone, somehow embodied by only three dudes.


4 - Nirvana

Admittedly I'm stretching the "classic rock" definition, but we play Nirvana here on the Hawk, so I'm counting them. Countless words have already been written about the impact Nirvana had, so nothing I can say will be new. Either you love them or you hate them.


3 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

There's a challenge when you have the sort of all-time frontman like Jimi: you need to have a band that can keep up with him. Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell were up to the task.


2 - The Police

Three phenomenal musicians when taken individually, Sting & Andy & Stewart combined to make a hugely successful band. They're also a great example of how having three strong personalities can lead to a tumultuous band relationship.


1 - Cream

Clapton is God. Does that mean Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce are Jesus and the Holy Spirit?