The Police

Check Out My Video to Win Sting Tickets
Do you want to win tickets to see Sting at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on March 11th? Of course you do!! We'll even hook you up with a hotel room so you can stay overnight.
I made a video that you need to watch if you want to win, and since we already established that you want to win.....Watch …
Sting & Peter Gabriel-Summer Tour 2016!!!
Wow!!!! Who knew that this could possible happen again?!?!  (They toured briefly together in the 80's) This is fantastic, and it's happening this summer!!
They are calling it the "The Rock Paper Scissors" tour and it will feature Sting, and Gabriel performing sep…
[Top 5 Tuesday] Top 5 Classic Rock Trios
Three is the magic number, and some bands only need that trinity of guitar/drums/bass to make a perfect sound. No rhythm guitars, no horn sections, no keyboard players, just the perfect power trio. Here are my Top 5, who are yours?

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