Look, I love New Jersey but we are home to some of the dumbest sounding towns in the entire country. I know for a fact that someone is going to call me out and say that these towns are easy to pronounce or there is history behind the name blah blah blah, but I still believe that these town names are just gross sounding or just dumb.

Ocean County, luckily, has some really cool sounding names with the exception of Little Egg. Who decided to name a town after a small egg? Like… what the hell?

In my opinion, here are the ten dumbest sounding towns in the entire state:

  1. Ramtown – Do I really need to explain this one? I am so glad that I don’t live here. It would be really hard to get my mind out of the gutter.
  2. Metuchen – It’s not the way this one is actually pronounced for me. It’s the way it’s spelled. Like ME TOUCHIN’. Ew.
  3. WeeHawkin – Did a toddler name this town?
  4. Wantage – What?
  5. Pittsgrove – I don’t have anything snarky for this one. I just think it sounds gross.
  6. Pitman – What’s with all the pits? How much fruit was the guy naming towns eating?
  7. Hackensack – When I was younger, I thought everyone played hackeysack here.
  8. Gibbsboro – This one just sounds funny.
  9. Walpack – Pack it up Walpack, go find another name.
  10. Ho-Ho-Kus – This is a real place.

Well there you have it. This is my top ten list of the worst sounding towns in the entire state. There are SO many more. I am in no way trying to insult the history of the name or anyone living there.

Let us know know what town you think is the WORST sounding in New Jersey in the comments section below!

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