In the wake of the latest school shooting (which is an awful sentence to even have to write), a group of students from schools around Toms River held a rally on the steps of the Ocean County Library.

A group of around 50 people included students, faculty, and parents were joined by some local politicians as well.

Zach Dougherty, a junior from Toms River High School North, was the lead organizer of the rally.

We care what happened in Florida. We don't want to hear the same conversation that guns don't kill people, people kill people. It's not enough anymore. We don't want to hear it. It's time for action.

No one up here is saying take away the Second Amendment or take away their guns. What we're saying is why can't we be smart like other nations and end this senseless violence that's going on in our schools?

Toms River Patch has a video of the whole rally you can see here:

I know saying "now that I'm a father" is a cliche...but that doesn't make it less true. "Thoughts and prayers" aren't going to keep my daughter safe when it comes time for her to go to school. My right to keep her safe is more important than your right to hunt deer with an assault rifle.

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