If you think that Toms River cops are hot-hot-hot, it's probably okay, at least in one sense. Their chili recipe can't be beat.

Jon Bon Jovi (seated, center) and charity chili chefs (Toms River PD)
Jon Bon Jovi (seated, center) and charity chili chefs (Toms River PD)

Township police scored their second straight victory in the third annual Chili Cookoff at JBJ's Soul Kitchen on Hooper Avenue.

They had to beat 11 other teams, including some firefighting volunteers who really know how to handle heat. Second place went to the Silverton Fire Company, and rounding out the top three was the Ocean Gate Fire Department.

It was the first year that the event was held in Toms River, a big enough occasion to merit some quality time with founder Jon Bon Jovi, who hung out with the charity chefs.

Part of the proceeds benefit Hope Sheds Light in its mission to support recovering drug addicts and their families. A portion helps the Soul Kitchen continue to meet the needs of hunger-stricken people at the shore. And a portion also goes to Toms River PD.

And, just as all great chefs would do, police did not divulge the secrets of their winning chili mix.

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