Six years ago, Christian Kane was driving his car with his 19-month-old son Gavin in the backseat when their car was hit by a beer truck. The accident was so severe, it left Gavin with a severe brain injury.

It's been about just about two years since Christian and his wife Mary had the idea of the Toms River Field of Dreams special needs playground.

It's been a long process raising money, getting permits, etc... but finally, this week construction has started! The trees have been cleared with heavy machinery at the site of the Field of Dreams.

The "Field of Dreams" will be MORE than just a "special needs" playground. It will be a complex within the community for children and adults with special needs to enjoy the basic fundamentals of play: an inning or two of baseball paired with a “buddy” on a rubberized baseball field, nine holes of miniature golf on a wheelchair accessible course, adaptive playground equipment on an all-inclusive playground, a game of basketball on a rubberized court with collapsible rims, or a stroll on an art encompassed walking path surrounded by a multi-sensory landscape.

A Casino Night fundraiser is happening once again this year on March 16th at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant to raise more money for the Field of Dreams. About fifty tickets are still available.

I stopped by the site today with Christian to talk about the progress that has been happening. It was so cold out there today, hence my big puffy jacket! LOL

(I apologize for keep looking down in this video.  I had my dog Winston with me. He makes an appearance or two.)

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