Yesterday (9/12) was the three year anniversary of the Seaside Park fire that destroyed what was left of the boardwalk that was unaffected from Hurricane Sandy.

I remember it was a Thursday afternoon around 2:30 pm when I started seeing things pop up on Facebook about the fire. I looked out the window that faces East in the Hawk studio, and you saw thick black smoke pushing North.

Who knew at the point that the fire would rage out of control and  the boardwalk and shops that have been there for decades would be gone forever.

It's a shame that nothing has been rebuilt yet due to "red tape" with the planning board and other "fun" stuff. It's been three years and still no rides. no stores etc. Hopefully they will figure all that soon. Thankfully the Saw Mill was able to come back.

Check out the video from where the fire supposedly began:

Here is the fire dispatch audio from that day


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