TruePeopleSearch just released a ranking of the Fattest and Fittest Cities in the United States...and New Jersey did not fare well.

They ranked the 500 largest cities in America based on the percentage of adults who are obese and the percentage of adults who "do not engage in leisure-time physical activity". The "Obesity Score" was combined with the "Physical Inactivity" score to come up with the total score.

So how did we do in New Jersey? A whopping ZERO cities landed in the Top 25 Fittest Cities, but we laid claim to THREE spots on the Fattest Cities.

Camden came in at #4, with Newark and Trenton going back-to-back (or belly-to-belly) at #18 and #19.

When you dig a bit deeper into the numbers, you'll find that Camden actually has the 7th highest percentage of Obese Adults, but is also the highest ranked city as far as Physical Inactivity. Paterson and Passaic actually landed in the Top 10 for Physical Inactivity at 5th and 6th, but I guess the ranked low enough in Obesity to stay out of the Top 25 overall.

Want to know where the Fit people live? They're pretty much all in California, as the Golden State has a staggering TWENTY-ONE of the Top 25 Fittest Cities. The only cities outside of California were Boulder and Longmont in Colorado, and Bellevue and Seattle in Washington.

H/T to Bill Doyle, who made the excellent point that since New Jersey has so much great food, it's not that big of a shock that we'd have a lot of overweight people. Pork roll sandwiches, the best bagels in the world, a pizzeria on every corner - it's hard to avoid delicious, fatty food. As far as the Physical Inactivity, that's purely on the individual. Get outside, take a walk, ride a bike, just get moving!

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