Mistake #1:  You’ve gotten that second vaccine and you are proud to flash that COVID card on social media...DON'T do it!  People have been doing this like crazy and scammers are having a field day. There is sensitive information on there that can be used to impersonate you.  We've been though enough with this pandemic and you would think that you don't have to worry about such things but sadly, we do. In fact, in times of crisis, scammers are working overtime because they're riding the coattails of emotion. Ever donate to a hurricane relief fund only to hear about all kinds of scams a week later? It happens all the time and you should keep your card all to yourself.  There is talk of your vaccination card being used for allowing travel both internationally and domestically, for passports and potentially even for restaurants and other venues. In other words, you'll want to have your "freedom card" as I like to call it in tact. It is so important to have this information safe that the CDC is asking you to take a photo of your card (front and back) just for your records in the event that you damage or loose your card. (again, do not share it on social media).

Mistake #2:  Next, we move on to the overzealous, over-achiever, type A personality who wants to laminate everything they can get their hands on. LOL yep I'm in this group. I never met a label machine or laminate tool I didn't love (think Monica from Friends) however, experts are saying don't do this either. Stores like Office Depot have been offering free lamination of your COVID card but that has been creating some problems even though they certainly meant well. Apparently, depending on what type of ink your nurse used when writing up your card, the heat of the lamination may make the information actually disintegrate.  The heat has been melting some patients' ink and leaving them with a blank card. Since the appointments have been so hard to get in the first place, the last thing you want to deal with is this.

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Mistake #3:  Laminating will also create another mistake, not allowing your medical professional the ability to update your card when you get your booster.  Many states will have your vaccination recorded in their system, but you will most likely need a booster and if you laminate, you will not be able to write on your card.  A better option is to use a clear plastic sleeve that you slip over your card like those old wallet plastic protectors we used to carry to show our kid's school picture, remember those? They're cheap and available on Amazon.

I hope this saves you all some hassle!  Stay healthy and get ready to get back to our normal lives, it's finally happening New Jersey!
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