We all know someone who aims to see every state in America.  They usually have an old-school map hanging somewhere with a pin in all the places they’ve already been.  Some people get even more granular, they want to see as many cities as possible too. Well, not all cities are created equal which is why a list came out naming the ugliest city in every state.  So what is the ugliest city in New Jersey?

When visiting a new city you are looking for the local flavor, maybe some gorgeous architecture or scenic views, there are some breathtaking and exciting cities in our country but according to Travel Alot, the following cities are not them.

My mother always told me that if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all but apparently this website is willing to take the time out.  They picked the “eyesore cities” based on lack of maintenance, poor design, and overall offerings (or lack thereof).  

New Jersey gets its fair share of haters, but this particular city gets more negative feedback than any other.  Being a hardcore Jersey defender, I’d like to share some highlights before blurting out the name.  See if this helps you figure out which city we're talking about.

This city has a waterfront with pretty cool tourist attractions and some important higher learning as well:

The "Ugliest City" In New Jersey Has Some Gems

Have you guessed it?  Of course, the city I'm referencing is Camden, NJ and Travel Alot is claiming that it is the ugliest city in New Jersey.  Do you agree?  You can read the whole list of all the ugliest cities nationwide here.

Now, these are some cities that made the favorite list:

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