You don't actually SEE the brain surgery, so don't worry if you get squeamish.


From the YouTube description:

Brazilian bank worker Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33, who was kept conscious during the pioneering operation, entertained surgeons with songs from the Fab Four and Brazilian folk songs.

He also played a song he wrote for his son Emmanuel who was born 15 days after Mr Dias discovered the tumour.

“The doctors asked me to repeat one of the country songs so I even had an encore,” Mr Dias told Brazilian news website G1.

The patient, who had been a professional guitarist for 20 years, first noticed he had a problem when he started stammering and was unable to pronounce the name of his car.
Mr Dias played six songs during the nine-hour procedure on a guitar balanced on his stomach, while surgeons hidden behind a blue sheet operated on him.

He was encouraged to play during surgery so doctors could monitor the areas of the brain relating to speech and motor coordination and ensure they were not damaged when the tumour was removed.

A spokesman for the Nossa Senhora da Conceição hospital in Santa Catarina said the patient's playing had been "surprising".

Dr Jean Abreu Machado, clinical director, said the procedure had been "challenging" for the whole surgery team, but particularly the anesthetist who had the job of keeping the patient awake and pain-free.

This was the 19th time the pioneering procedure had been performed at the Brazilian hospital and and the first where the patient played an instrument.

Mr Dias was discharged after 90 per cent of the tumour was removed.

How awesome would it have been if the doctors poked a certain spot in his brain and he could suddenly shred?

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