YouTuber Brooke Peterson posted a video of herself having lunch with her dad on the new Apple campus, where her dad whipped out the iPhone 10 and let her film it for her blog. 

Seems innocent enough, right? Well... actually there is no filming allowed anywhere on the Apple campus, especially in the employee cafeteria. Apple wants the campus to be a space where employees can feel safe openly discussing projects and exchanging creativity, a rule Peterson's father must have somehow overlooked.

The video eventually went viral and Peterson's account took off, which didn't end as well as you would think.

Peterson thought it was okay for her to post the video after other YouTubers had posted videos of them showing of the X's features and Apple had released their keynote. However, apparently her video featured both private employee-only QR codes and a notes app with product code names - something Apple also has more rules against.

In the end, Peterson's dad was let go from his engineering job with Apple but the family does not hold any grudges against the company, understanding they did what they had to do. Peterson also wanted everyone to be aware she did not do it with any kind of malicious intent but definitely learned her lesson!

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