Countless studies have been conducted to find out why people decide to leave their jobs.  Year after year, it’s determined to fall on the same things; they don’t like their boss, they don’t see opportunities for growth.

Sometimes is just because they are offered something better, with higher pay.

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During the pandemic, in some industries keeping a job during the last 18 months has been challenging.  Finding a job is almost just as frustrating.  Although there are plenty of posted Help Wanted signs.

U.S. Economy Adds Jobs In September, Unemployment Rate Drops To 3.7 Percent
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Some may argue, the federal government's extended unemployment offerings caused the American jobless to become lazy and ride things out.  Here in New Jersey, that wave of the $300 a week in extra relief will end come September 4.

That said, many companies were able to get inventive and retain their workers.  In doing so, they created a positive working environment, despite the pandemic.

Forbes just released their 3rd annual list of best employers in America.  They broke the results down by state.

This is where we cringe to see if our workplace made the list.

The 51 rankings include all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  By an anonymous process, the survey was conducted between October 202 through June 2021.

Its focus was directed towards businesses with 500 or more employees. That made up a total of 80,000 workers.  The results generated a total of 1,330 favorable employers.

Some interesting findings. Forbes says Amazon and Federal Express show up on many states' Top 100.

Local school districts, colleges, health care, and hospitals are also top listers in multiple states.

Okay, so what about New Jersey?

Stylized green sketch map of New Jersey

Of the Garden States Top 75 businesses, Staples is ranked at the bottom.

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Our beloved Wawa is ranked at number 31.


Here is the list of New Jersey’s Top 15...

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