Last week a woman drew national attention when she wasn't allowed to fly out of Newark Airport because of her emotional support animal - a peacock.

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We've all been to Popcorn Park Zoo, right? Peacocks are BIG and LOUD. There is no way I would tolerate being on a plane next to a person who brought a peacock with them.

We started kicking around ideas of what would be even worse to sit next to, so here are the worst Ocean County-specific "support animals" we could come up with:

Deer - sure, they might seem cute while they're grazing on the side of the road...but those things are skittish, and would tear up the inside of a plane.

Jellyfish - somewhere, there is somebody who finds these blobs to be endearing

Speaking of birds, they have their own sub-list:

Turkeys - bigger, heavier, uglier, and way meaner than peacocks

Vultures - uglier and nastier than peacocks and turkeys

Hawks - they definitely look cool, but how nervous would you be if the guy in the seat next to you had one perched on his shoulder or arm? those eyes locked on you, beak sharp, talons clenched.

Seagulls - nothing like the squawk of a seagull to make your flight go nice and smooth, right?

I normally would hate to be "this guy", but I don't buy into the entire concept of "emotional support animals". There is a HUGE difference between a blind person who needs a dog to get around versus a person who gets nervous so they need a chinchilla to keep them calm. If you're that tense when it comes to flying, take a valium, or just don't fly.

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