Roger Hodgson just marked another birthday this week, born March 21, 1950, in Portsmouth, England.

Hodgson is the legendary writer of classic hits like "Dreamer", "Give A Little Bit", "Take The Long Way Home", "The Logical Song", and more.

The former co-frontman and founding member, of progressive rock band Supertramp, Roger left the band in 1983 to pursue a simple, spiritual lifestyle in nature with his family, but he never stopped creating music.

"Logically" billed as "The Legendary Voice of Supertramp", Roger is touring South America next month.  He then hits Europe in June and finally makes his way to our neck of the woods on August 18th, where he'll perform at The Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City.

At his official website, one description of the impact of Roger's musical gift was described as his "trademark way of setting beautiful, introspective lyrics to upbeat melodies resonated and found its way into the hearts and minds of people from cultures around the world."

To this day the Ivor Novello awarded "Logical Song" is actually one of the most quoted lyrics in schools, where clearly no one understands what he's saying.

Want proof of his enduring magic?  Here he is performing the title track from "Even In The Quietest Moments":


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