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We are continuing our simultaneous countdowns of the Top-10 Most Read Jersey Shore Covid News Stories and Most Watched Jersey Shore Covid News Videos of 2020.

Here is the 4th most read Covid article followed by the 4th most watched Covid video on our social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube across 92.7 WOBM, 94.3ThePoint, 105.7TheHawk, the new Beach 104.1 FM and the Shore Sports Network.

4th Most Read Covid Article...Lakewood Police Break Up Large Gatherings At Two Wedding Receptions. (27,855 page views), Story Date: March 18, 2020.

More than a day after Governor Phil Murphy extended public gathering restrictions to not allow more than 50 people in one place at one time, two groups of people rolled the dice and ignored that directive by having much more than that amount of guests at two weddings in Lakewood on a Tuesday night.

Lakewood Police spokesman Captain Gregory Staffordsmith said officers responded to one wedding at a venue on Vassar Avenue just before 8:00 pm and another wedding shortly after 8:00 pm over on Oak Street.

The Officers reminded the staff that they cannot host gatherings of more than 50 people.

Captain Staffordsmith said the staff and attendees then dispersed without incident.

The amount of guests at each of the weddings was much greater than 50 people, Staffordsmith told 92.7 WOBM News.

"The Lakewood Police Department takes the precautions set by Governor Murphy very seriously and will certainly do our part to protect those we serve by strictly enforcing his mitigation strategies over the next few weeks," Staffordsmith said. "We stress that the public do their part in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by obeying the guidelines set forth by the State of New Jersey and encourage cleaning your hands often, staying home if your sick, covering coughs and sneezes, consider wearing a face mask if you aren’t feeling well, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING."

4th Most Watched Covid Video...How EMS Squads Are Keeping Safe During Pandemic. (3,118 video views), Story Date: April 8, 2020.

There are inherent risks well noted by now for first responders who are on the front lines battling the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and each day the messages of stay home and practice social distancing need to be repeated because they are so important to keep everyone safe, healthy and flatten the curve of this virus.

EMS volunteers and EMT's are among the first responders at risk heading to any call during the pandemic with being the first people on site and they need to take extra precautions for the safety of the public and themselves.

During the month of April, Point Pleasant Borough EMS Squad Captain Andy Welsh said that before they head out to a call, each member puts on a full-body protective gown known as a Tyvek Suit along with a P100 respirator face-mask or goggles and boot covers.

"For the protection of our members and every person in town that we come into contact with, we want to take the utmost safety precautions for everyone involved," Welsh told 92.7 WOBM News. "When we go into houses extra precautions are going to be taken as well. It's going to take us a little while to get inside. Before the crisis took place, we were going into houses a little quicker. Now we have to take the precautions to protect our members, the agency as well as the patient."

They also seat the back of their ambulances with plastic to prevent the spread of germs and any infections.

When responding to a call, members of the first aid squad only go into a residence with limited supplies.

"We've gone to automatic blood pressure cuffs and different electronic devices to help asses the patients," Welsh said. "We're not brining in our full duty bag unless we absolutely have to just to prevent that from being covered with any type of possible infection if there was to be one inside the house."

Following a call each member helps to clean the ambulance and then take care of themselves.

Check back here on our website and app for #3 in our countdown of the Top-10 Most Read Jersey Shore Covid News Articles and Most Watched Jersey Shore Covid News Videos of 2020.

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