There are few things better than finding a nice place to eat with a great view of the Jersey Shore.  These are Varacchi's fave waterfront eateries, what are yours?

Also, just so no one gets butthurt, my ordering is subject to change depending on my mood, what I feel like eating that day, the weather, the position of my astrological sign, what shirt I'm wearing, whether or not the Yankees won yesterday, and a myriad of other variables.  So don't get mad if I put your favorite restaurant at 3rd instead of 2nd.

  • 1

    Water's Edge


    A gorgeous place, inside and out. Great expansive view of the Barnegat Bay, with tons of boats moored outside.

  • 2

    Baker's Water Street Bar & Grille

    Toms River

    RIght down the street from our Toms River office, a lot of our staff has made Water Street a second home. Good food, good crowd, good view.

  • 3

    Martell's Tiki Bar

    Point Pleasant

    It's a classic, and the list wouldn't be complete without it.


  • 4

    The Captain's Inn

    Forked River

    The tiki bar is one of my faves, just to enjoy watching the various boats cruise past or dock at the bar.

  • 5

    Langosta Lounge

    Asbury Park

    A lot of places on the Asbury boardwalk to choose from, but I like Langosta.  The food is good, there's usually some good local bands playing as well.

  • 6

    Harpoon Willy's


    Just across the Manasquan River from River Rock, another place with delicious food, nice ambience, and a great view.

  • 7

    Red's Lobster Pot

    Point Pleasant

    One of my favorite spots in Point Pleasant, right on the inlet.

  • 8

    The Shrimp Box

    Poitn Pleasant

    Just down the road from Red's Lobster Pot, another great Point place.

  • 9

    River Rock Marina Bar & Restaurant


    They've hosted the Free Beer & Hot Wings Live Show, they've hosted the Massive Wedding, and always provide great food with a nice view of the Manasquan River.

  • 10

    Chef Mike's ABG

    Seaside Park

    Chef Mike's is a favorite of many of us here at the Hawk.