Despite a drastic decline in quality over the last few seasons (okay, more like the last decade-plus), I'm still a fan of the Simpsons.

I don't watch the show on Sunday nights anymore, so last night I settled in and fired up the DVR to watch "The Caper Chase", the 18th episode of the 28th(!) season.

In the first few minutes, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team is prepping for a game against the real-life Indian Point Energy Center, a nuclear plant located about 30 miles north of Manhattan. The team is full of New York/North Jersey stereotypes, including a blink-and-you-miss-it stab at Chris Christie.

Okay, I understand that technically, the show didn't say "Chris Christie is an overweight tubbo" word-for-word...but you're being naive if you think the timing of the audio and the visual is just coincidental.

And really, what is more embarrassing for Christie? Being mocked on the Simpsons, or the fact that he looked worse while playing softball in real life?

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