I believed in Santa Claus for a very long time. Not "18 years old, probablevirgin" long, but I was around 11 years old when I finally accepted the harsh reality. Admittedly, my belief was rekindled at around age 23, when I started realizing the dichotomy between how much parents made and how much I used to recieve. However, this blog is not about *MY* personal belief in Santa. Its about the growing movement to hasten him out of children's lives. A movement I will never support.

There are a good deal of new age-y, "all children are special snowflakes" parents out there in today's world who are telling their children that Santa Claus is a myth as soon as they are old enough to have thoughts. If you, dear reader, are one of them...SHAME on you my friend. You glory hounds make me sick! Are you so desperate for your children's adulation that they just HAVE to know that there was no magic involved in their Christmas Morning Furby?!?  What kind of example are YOU setting. A selfish kind. And also, why sacrifice your ultimate disciplinary trump card so earlier? My parents were able to keep my in line for years and years by telling me Santa was watching for 364 days a year. I've never been a parent, odds are I never will be a parent...but if I am, I'll keep my children believing in Santa until they have kids of their own. Then on Christmas morning, when they have no gifts because their parents didn't think they needed to buy them...well then they'll know they need to be better next year.

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