I finally had the opportunity to drive on all sides of the reconstructed roadway know as Highway 37 and 166. I have to tell you, I cannot believe it took over 11 million dollars and 3 years to complete. Here’s a question: how exactly is this road improved?

There is an added lane on the south side, so now when you exit 37 heading east and you need to pull a U-turn, you have to cut across an extra lane to get there. I bet this will be a major traffic issue in the summer. Watch for traffic to be backed up on 37 as the less than savvy drivers block the intersection trying to make it across the street.

Also, the north side doesn’t really seem to have any major improvements except for the divider. As for 37? Well, there is an extra lane, but there will still be issues especially for people trying to make a right turn onto Main Street.

Overall I give the project a low "C". Not only did it take forever to complete, but it seems like the congestion problems will still be an issue.

I can only hope I’m wrong! What do you think?

Until next time.

Rock on party people!


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