This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to visit my family and attend an Ohio State University football game!

My mom graduated from OSU, my brother lives just outside of Columbus, so scarlet and grey run through our blood!

The game this weekend happened to be against Rutgers (sorry, I was rooting for Ohio State...)!

It was a blow-out - OSU beat Rutgers 58-0... But the best part of the game is always the band.  They did a tribute to Broadway that was really cool at halftime.  But at the beginning of the game and the end, the band performs "Script Ohio."  That's where the band literally scripts out the word Ohio while playing....  It's always quite the sight to see!

Here's a video of the band and some pictures from my weekend.  Isn't my little nephew adorable with his Phanatic pillow??  Super cute!