I'm going to put this right up front: I've never seen the US version of The Office. Everyone around our office thinks I'm crazy because I've only seen the original British version. I loved the Ricky Gervais series, but I've just never gotten around to Steve Carell's.

the office
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I'm sure that eventually I'll get to watching the American version, but there are just so many other TV shows and movies on my watchlist that are above it.

Regardless of which version you prefer, if you're a fan of The Office you'll have to head up to NYC to see out the Off-Broadway show "The Office! A Musical Parody". It's playing now through July at The Jerry Orbach Theater; tickets are available here, and will only set you back $35.

The creators of "The Office! A Musical Parody" have already done Off-Broadway parodies of Friends, Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210, Showgirls, and Full House.

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