Bigger is better, according to the new menu featured this season at Yankee Stadium

You can try the "Tape Measure Cheesesteak", checking in at TWO FEET LONG, topped with white American cheese or Cheese Whiz. It'll set you back $27.

There's also the "Barnyard Wedding”, featuring a hash brown on top of a fried chicken cutlet on top of a cheddar cheese-covered beef patty.

Still hungry? How about the “G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Burger” which includes bacon, pastrami and American cheese stacked on top of a burger or the “Double-Double”, a double-cheeseburger with a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

Personally, I'm a "peanuts and Cracker Jack and hot dog" kinda guy. I can't see myself sitting down with one of these monstrosities, how about you?

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