Legislation was passed by the New York City Council, resulting in Yankee Stadium and Citi Field joining other ballparks like AT&T Field in San Francisco, Fenway Park in Boston, and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

A sign was hung in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse saying

Anyone Wanting Nicotine Replacement Therapy Supplies (Gum, Lozenges, or Patches) - To Kick The Habit - Please See [trainer] Steve Donohue

Players had mixed reactions

Yankee reliever Andrew Miller, who no longer uses smokeless tobacco, pointed out: “It’s a completely legal substance. It’s available to purchase at any 7-Eleven.”

Chase Headley said he did not use the substance, but asked “How is it legal around town, around wherever else, but just at the ballpark it’s not?”

Manager Joe Girardi supported the measure, saying

I mean it's not healthy; it's dangerous. I wouldn't recommend it.

An anonymous Mets player asked

I would like to see how they are going to enforce that ... If somebody sees you chewing, will they reach over the railing and hand you a ticket when you are walking off the field?”

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I do agree with Miller & Headley, it's a substance that is 100% legal to buy anywhere, so it's not like players are fighting back for their right to use crystal meth at the stadium or something. I think that tobacco is an awful product, whether smoked or chewed, and it's stupid if you continue to use it with all the information that proves it's harmful to your health, but I'm not entirely supportive of a law that tells people what they can and can't do with their own body.