You don't have to travel too far to get to one of the scariest places in all of the Garden State.

Who needs to wait for Halloween for a thrill?|

Instead of waiting for the haunted trails and houses to make a comeback in the fall, you can always head out to the bank of the Delaware River in Gloucester County, South Jersey. That's where you'll find the historic Red Bank Battlefield that sits along the banks of the river in a town called National Park.

The history of Red Bank Battlefield is well-known by Revolutionary War enthusiasts. If you're unfamiliar, let me fill you in. The Battle of Red Bank took place right next to a home known as the Whitall House. When you head out there today, you'll see the field directly to the right of the home.

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The Whitall House was reportedly built in 1748. What makes the house and the field so creepy is the fact that a lot of brutality took place there. It was a full-fledged battle, so the home on the property was actually used as a hospital for fallen and wounded soldiers.

Since then, many people have reported some pretty wild sightings and occurrences throughout the home and the property itself. have been rumored to have happened there.

A group of paranormal investigators actually went to see what they could experience while on the property. Believe it or not, they did get the feeling they weren't alone. One investigator even described feeling pressure all throughout her body that's sometimes felt in the presence of paranormal energy. Another one swears something grabbed her arm.

If you ever choose to make your way to the Red Bank Battlefield and the Whitall House, make sure you keep an eye out for children, too! Apparently, they can be seen making appearances throughout the home.


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