And it is Valentine's Day weekend. See what I'm getting it?

Come on guys! Your lady is always looking for you to be romantic right? How about you renew your vows at the Hawk Massive Wedding on Friday February 28th at the River Rock and Marina Bar in Brick. How about you get married for the FIRST TIME?Getting married is a big deal. We get it. Maybe you just don't have the time to plan a huge wedding. Maybe money is tight? Don't worry about it.....

We'll handle everything. And it's cheap. Only $30 bucks to get married. You can bring guests for just $20, and you have a chance to win a FREE Honeymoon.

You're thinking about now aren't you?

And did I mention that I, Andy Chase, am your officiant? That's right. I am YOUR "Minister of Love" I am completely ordained and I love doing it. It is 100% legit!

Zane and Hot Wings will be on hand this year, as well as Barbara LaRue, Varacchi, and The Lovely Christina.

So join us! It's a great night, and you can finally tell your woman that you do romantic things for her!

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